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About Fuji Electric Group:
The Fuji Electric Group has a tradition that goes back 80 years. As a manufacturing company, the defining features of this tradition are our technology DNA passed down for years and our open, honest and diligent attitude in business.

Perfected through extensive research and development, these products are unparalleled in quality and reliability. Fuji is proud to offer these exceptional products, and committed to finding solutions that satisfy every customer’s needs.

Fuji Electric Group Products Include:
• AC Drives
• Disk Media
• Distribution & Control
• Instrumentation
• Photoconductors
• Power Supply
• RC Blowers & Pumps
• Semiconductors

More Information About Fuji Electric Group:
To access the main Fuji Electric Group website, please visit http://www.fujielectric.com/fecoa/.

For more information about any Fuji Electric products, please contact us.

Fuji Electric Group Photos and Applications:
Fuji Electric Group FRENIC-MiniThe FRENIC-Mini features a full range of functions, compact body, simple operation, wide model variations, and global compatibility. It will meet customer needs for higher performance in machines and equipment such as conveyors, fans, pumps, centrifugal separators, and food processing machines, as well as the need for system integration, energy saving, labor saving, and total cost reduction.

Fuji Electric Group FRENIC-EcoThe FRENIC-Eco is a new inverter exclusively designed for variable torque loads such as fans and pumps, intensively developed by Fuji Electric, a leading inverter company. Its multi-function aim at various usages, smaller size, simpler operation, consideration for peripheral equipment, a wide variety of models, and global compatibility will surely meet various requirements, including energy-saving or high-performance of fan and pump equipment, system integration, labor-saving, and total cost reduction on overall system.

Fuji Electric Group FRENIC-MultiThe FRENIC-Multi is a high-performance compact inverter designed to fit the needs of a wide variety of applications. Its environmentally friendly design features an expanded capacity range with abundant model variation, with the highest standards of control and performance in its class. This is an optimal drive for both horizontal and vertical conveyance. It is simple to setup, operate, and maintain, and it is fully equipped to operate smoothly with peripheral equipment, including network operation.

Fuji Electric Group FRENIC 5000G11S and 5000P11SThe FRENIC 5000G11S and 5000P11S offers the ideal combination of power and functionality. Dynamic torque-vector control provides optimal motor control under all operating conditions. The dynamic torque-vector control system performs high-speed calculations to determine the required motor power for the load status. Our key technology is optimal control of voltage and current vectors for maximum output torque. The new on-line tuning capability allows you to continuously check for variation of motor characteristics while running for high-precision speed control. Two series are available: G11S series ranging from 1/4 to 600HP for general industrial machines and P11S series ranging from 7.5 to 800HP for fans and pumps.

Fuji Electric Group FRENIC 5000VG7SThe FRENIC 5000VG7S is a high performance Vector Control inverter that offers the industry’s best control performance: speed control accuracy of 0.005%; speed response of 100Hz; current response of 800Hz; and torque control accuracy (linearity) of 3%. With a wide capacity range, this powerful drive offers flexibility to fit many different applications. With enhanced networking capability, enhanced built-in functions and user-programmable functions, this highly efficient and effective global inverter offers the capabilities and functionality for all of your needs.