• Rugged and Adjustable Machine Frames, Enclosures and Fixtures

    T-slot aluminum extrusion from 80/20 Inc. are the basic building blocks of “The Industrial Erector Set®. Traditional steel frames require welding, grinding, deburring, priming and painting. Save time and money with 80/20.

  • The Best Pneumatic Actuators on the Market

    Selecting the correct air cylinder involves many variables: bore & stroke, load, speed, side loading, & mounting style. Our factory-trained sales engineers will help you choose the right cylinder for your application. TSI Solutions is proud to represent Festo, Bimba, TRD, Parker-Origa, & Mead.

  • Guarding & Safety Solutions that Don't Slow Production

    We design machine guards that ensure worker safety but don't slow production: Versatile & attractive hard guarding from 80/20 Inc.; safety light curtains & safety controllers from Banner Engineering; trapped key interlocks from Fortress; & rugged safety mats from Larco.

  • Better Performing Vacuum Pumps & Cups

    We can help you optimize your vacuum system’s performance while reducing energy costs. We are proud to offer Piab vacuum products, the world's leading innovator in highly efficient air-driven, multi-stage, vacuum technology.

  • Extend Machine Life with Automated Lubrication

    Machines run faster, cooler, & quieter when they are lubricated consistently—with small amounts of lubricant, frequently applied. TSI Solutions has been designing & installing automated lube systems on machinery in Georgia since 1987.

  • Improve Your Machine's IQ

    Let us help you select the best sensor for your application. We offer photoelectric, laser, fiber optic, ultrasonic, proximity, RFID, measurement, pressure, temperature, & flow sensors from Banner & Turck.

  • Stop Shock & Vibration from Killing Your Machine

    Industrial shock absorbers & vibration dampening products from ACE Controls & Firestone Industrial can reduce or eliminate noise & vibration associated with industrial machinery. Call us to help you size the right shock, gas spring, or air bag for your application.

  • Get More Out of Your Compressed Air System

    Proper use & control of compressed air energy will improve the performance of any piece of machinery. With best-in-class components from Wilkerson, Monnier & Bimba MFD, we’ll help you optimize this valuable energy source, including design & installation of high-efficiency Legris Transair piping.

  • Add Eyes to Your Quality Inspections

    Part presence/absence, quality defects, parts counting, & product differentiation are some of the many capabilities of Banner Engineering’s family of machine vision systems & sensors. Our applications engineers can help you prove out your system & provide after-sale support.

  • Eliminate Costly Wiring & Conduit

    Wireless communications & transmission of data are now practical & affordable with Banner Engineering’s SureCross™ Wireless System. The SureCross system can operate in extreme & noisy environments while eliminating the need for costly wiring runs.

  • Simplify Machine Wiring & Troubleshooting

    Murr Elektronik & Turck offer centralized & decentralized fieldbus I/O network products for simplified machine wiring & diagnostics. Project planning, installation, & commissioning are accomplished more quickly than traditional wiring methods, saving time, money, & headaches.